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            It's really depressing to see what lies you people are spreading about Gluten to boost sales of clearly rubbish Gluten Guardian. I'm 88, have been eating high gluten cereal all my life without any adverse condition which you list. Unfortunate sufferers will get no benefit from your scam assurances. You need to fail quickly and leave the scene. You mean: 'Bio-optimiser Hoax'. I'm 88, none of your listed health problems despite lifelong high gluten diet. You bag gluten without detailing any "Undeniable emerging science" The lies about Gluten are of your making, not by others. Where is the authentication for your scare-mongering ?

            WADE’s RESPONSE:

            Thanks for your response and your interest, congratulations that you do not seem to suffer from adverse effects from gluten consumption at this time. It appears you didn’t get all of the information on the webinar and that is intolerance varies significantly from person to person. The facts are, I have hundreds of clients who are doubled over in pain just by having the tiniest piece of gluten. You would be a 1 on the scale and they would be a nine or a ten. There’s enough evidence both scientifically and anecdotal from clinicians around the world about the effects of gluten intolerance and how it can be managed.While you are entitled to your opinion and your experience we are as well and I stand firmly behind any statements that I make in a webinar, marketing material, and promotions. That being said, I appreciate contrary information and if you have definitive scientific proof that indicates otherwise I’d be happy to review or debate you on the topic in a public form of your choice.
            Updated: 17 May 2019 03:29 AM
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