Hi guys something I am taking seems to be putting on fat in your experience could it possibly be your enzymes or probiotic? Open question I know I haven't really changed anything else I have been taking your products for about a month

            WADE’s RESPONSE:

            If you have had compromised digestion for a while it could be the Masszymes. With increased nutrient absorption and and assimilation some people have found they require much less food. What's your current diet?

            Customer's Response:
            Normally fast until lunchtime no carbs during the day ,night time I usually have some carbs

            Wade's Response:

            Not enough information, but my guess is either the diet is not suiting your lifestyle, or it’s a hormone issue with too much cortisol production in the body. If your using a lot of caffeine to stay in the fasted state or spending a lot of time on computers that’s usually a tell tale sign.
            Updated: 17 May 2019 03:28 AM
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