Question About P3-OM & Diabetes


            Hello, In this article: it talks about how a probiotic can possibly cure type 1 diabetes. Does Wade think his P3-OM probiotic could possibly do this? If not, can he figure out what is missing in his P3-OM probiotic to match the above probiotic in the article? Maybe he can sell another type of probiotic and people with high blood sugars can use it? Anyway I want to know his thoughts on this. Thanks so much for your time

            WADE's RESPONSE:

            HI, Thanks for reaching out. We cannot make any claims about enzymes and probiotics curing any conditions nor shall we. Please consult with a physician. That being said, when people with Type II diabetes use Masszymes and P3-OM in conjunction with a strict diet insulin requirements usually drop significantly and many people have reported that they did not need insulin as long as they followed the dietary practices and used enyzmes and probiotics daily.

            Updated: 16 Apr 2019 06:07 AM
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