Why doesn't your digestive enzymes have HCL in them? Isn't HCL necessary to have the right amount of acid to digest food then the enzymes absorb the nutrients?

Why doesn't your digestive enzymes have HCL in them? Isn't HCL necessary to have the right amount of acid to digest food then the enzymes absorb the nutrients?

Please watch the video on how digestion works in the BiOptimizers Awesome Health Course you’ll get a better understanding of the process.

First food comes in to the mouth, and then after chewing enters the upper cardiac portion of the stomach where enzymes begin breaking the food down.  Since most people eat cooked food or food that has been irradiated taking enzymes before your meals ensures you break down the food properly.

After 30-60 minutes, your body releases HCL - this has a two fold effect.  

 1) It helps to change the PH of the food mixture so that certain enzymes become activated and others become deactivated.  This is a critical component and why for example we have 5 different types of protease in our formula because in order to break down proteins your body needs enzymes that work in the various PH LEVELS.

 2) The second function of HCL is to disinfect the food from pathogens, such as bad bacteria, parasites, and viruses.  In order to produce enough HCL you need to be well hydrated because HCL is made from water.  By the time a person turns 40 it’s quite often you don’t produce enough HCL.  This is why we created an HCL product which is separate from the enzymes.  Combining the two products together would be counterproductive for several reasons. 

  • It could impair the effectiveness of the enzymes in the first 60 minutes of digestion
  • Not everyone needs HCL, although almost everyone needs enzymes.
  • HCL can be used in high dosages on its own for therapeutic effects under the guidance of Naturopathic doctor  (we have an NP who we refer to for these type of situations.  See the digestive vault videos with Katrine Volynsky.

Finally, before the food mixture exits the stomach your body must buffer the acids to neutralize the HCL. Since many people are chronically deficient in minerals, we’ve added minerals and specific enzymes to ensure proper buffering of the acids occurs.  We also have one of the most cost effective vitamin and mineral supplements in liquid form called Primergen M and Primergen V.

Finally, the buffered food now enters the intestines where good bacteria break down the food into smaller more utilizable portions.  You have approximately 500 types of bacteria in your intestinal tract which about 10 percent are good, 10 percent are bad and 80 percent are opportunists.  This is often referred to as the Microbiome.

Since it’s near impossible to determine which bacteria you have on a day to day basis in your intestinal tract we developed a patent strain of probiotics called P3-OM.  This bacteria has been altered through a patented process to travel through the body, break down undigested protein throughout the body, and attach viruses, retroviruses, tumors as demonstrated in the patent research and allowable claims.

This ensures that your body fights off the foreign invaders, digests your food properly, and eliminates the waste so that your digestive system functions the way nature intended.   

 It’s unfortunate that so many people suffer from various digestive issues (digestive disorders are the 5th leading cause of death in the modern world) which a 100 years ago were labelled the diseases of civilization.

Today these diseases have many more complicated names that convince people they don’t have the power to overcome them through smart nutrition and the use of high quality nutritional supplements.

That’s why at Bioptimizers it’s our mission to end physical suffering in humans by solving digestive issues.

Our products and formulas are some of the most premium priced products in the market because we craft each one not with the goal of maximum profits, we develop our products to “FIX DIGESTION”.

Each of our products work well on their own but together they have a synergistic effect which is greater than the sum of the parts.  In others works its not like adding 10 + 10 + 10 = 30  It’s more like 10 x 10 X 10 = 1000.

That’s the power of synergy and that’s the power of the Bioptimizers products.