Question about Probiotics and Antibiotics

Question about Probiotics and Antibiotics


I am beginning a two week regimen of antibiotics for a tooth infection to be followed possibly by oral surgery. I want to keep my gut health up And I spoke with the pharmacist said I can take probiotic, just not with the same meal in which I am taking the antibiotic. Can you give me some tips here? Is the strain that you sell comprehensive enough to reestablish Mike got health or do I need to get multiple strains? Your prompt answer is appreciated as I begin taking the medication tomorrow. Thank you so very much, yes I heard about your company on the bullet proof podcast.

Wade's Response:

Take the P3-OM in High dosage of at least 8 caps before bed every day. And continue for a minimum of 30 days after the antibiotics are finished. I would also include a variety of fermented foods after your finished the antibiotics.
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