Question About Gallbladder

Question About Gallbladder

Here is some info about me, and I know you can't give medical advice so we can just call this 'educational information' that I'm looking for.

- years ago I got bit by a tick and went on a long course of strong antibiotics. I took some probiotics during that time, and I haven't had digestive issues since, but I'm sure the antibiotics still affected by gut biome.

- in April, I had my gallbladder removed.

- more recently (last 5 weeks), I joined a workout bootcamp. I am doing Keto again and have added a lot of extra things (eating higher fat and protein than I'm used to, taking more electrolytes - especially sodium), having 1 protein shake per day (whey isolate, and I'm not lactose intolerant anyway)

What's happened over the last few weeks is I've had really bad diarrhea. No stomach cramps, but a morning thing, and more recently more than only in the morning. I thougtht it was the creatine I was taking but I stopped taking that 2 weeks ago. It could be the protein shakes, it could be the high fat even though I was fine after my gallbladder removal, it could be the high protein, it could be the high sodium. I have no idea this has been hard to track down without completely going off everything and off keto.

So my interest in your product is maybe it will help, and either way, because of the antibiotics I was on a few years ago that your products will probably help anyway.

Based on this information, what would you recommend?



My first thought if you’ve had your gallbladder removed you definitely need some digestive assistance for the fats on a keto diet.  I’m not sure if keto is the best option for you considering you have no gallbladder.  First off go see an ND to get some particular guidance, it could be the diet, parasites, or other issues such as the use of Keto salts and kete esters which can give people the runs.  My suggestion is to get on the MassZymes and P3-OM high dosage for at least 30 days and see if it improves. If not return the product for a full refund.
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