Is there soy or gluten in your products?

Is there soy or gluten in your products?

There is no soy or gluten in any of our products. 

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      P3OM Products are totally gluten free.  MASSZYMES CULTURING PROCESS: While gluten is not directly added to this item, gluten/gluten containing grains are utilized in the fermentation process that produces one or more of the fungal enzymes found in ...
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      Question: It's really depressing to see what lies you people are spreading about Gluten to boost sales of clearly rubbish Gluten Guardian. I'm 88, have been eating high gluten cereal all my life without any adverse condition which you list. ...
    • Are there any allergen ingredients corn, soy?

      WADE's RESPONSE: No!
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      Hey there! Please see the label attached for the ingredients of our Gluten Guardian.  
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      QUESTION: I'll try to be concise. Wouldn't it make sense to combine Peptidase DPP-IV from Gluten Guardian with the Masszymes formula? Masszymes is essentially a streamlined, broad spectrum, high performance formula, right? And if gluten is really as ...