Is the date printed on my Masszymes enzymes and P3-OM probiotics bottles the expiry or manufacturing date? (It looks like my P3-OM probiotics are out of date?)

Is the date printed on my Masszymes enzymes and P3-OM probiotics bottles the expiry or manufacturing date? (It looks like my P3-OM probiotics are out of date?)

With Probiotics in the United States, where our manufacturing facility is located, it's required by law to stamp when the products were produced. This is because with bacteria cultures, whatever the count is on day of production is what's stamped on the bottle. When the culture arrives to the consumer it's virtually impossible to know how many Colony Forming Units (CFU's) are actually available.

In Canada the government requires companies to put how many colonizing forming units are present 1 year after production, since that is the average time it takes for a probiotic product to go from manufacture to home user.

This number will cause a reduction of CFU's by 75-100 % depending on conditions that the product was subject too.

Our probiotic culture that you have purchased was manufactured on the date that is stamped on the bottle. This is one of significant advantages over retail stores, as we sell directly to the customer and we keep our supply and demand shipments as tight as possible to ensure you get the freshest, most potent product possible.

As for the Masszymes enzyme product, labeling laws are different.

With enzymes you have to print the expected expiry date, which in this case is two years after manufacturing.

These are the labeling laws for which all manufacturers are subject to. We adhere to all of them, and all of our products have a certificate of analysis for each batch, to ensure that
they meet the label claims.

All of our labels have been reviewed by the governing bodies of the countries they are sold in, which differ slightly for each country.

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