Do your products contain dairy?

Do your products contain dairy?

Our products are 100% dairy-free, so they only contain plant based material. There is no dairy in any of our products. 

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    • Is is gluten/dairy free?

      Yes, the raw materials of this product do not contain any dairy or gluten.
    • I have trouble with dairy and gluten.

      Question: I have trouble with dairy and gluten. I eat a high protein diet and I am an athlete. I have had issues with yeast overgrowth and suffer from a candida overgrowth and a skin issue called tinea versa color. I’m trying to navigate which ...
    • Do BiOptimizers products contain any GMO ingredients?

      None at all. We don't use any GMO ingredients. Secondly, no chemical fillers or binders are added to any of our products. Lastly, our products are all suitable for those on a vegetarian and vegan diet (no animal agents used).
    • For how long do I have to take your products?

      We suggest you follow our program for at least 90 days (3 months). Then after that you can always follow a basic maintenance program of 4 capsules of Masszymes with each meal and 2 capsules of P3-OM (I personally do 10 and 5). The one thing you'll ...
    • How do you ensure the quality and purity of ingredients in BiOptimizers' products?

      Each and every batch of BiOptimizers products undergoes rigorous Quality Assurance testing to ensure only the highest quality standards are met. These tests include microbiological testing, heavy metal testing (to comply with California’s Proposition ...