Are these products only for athletes?

Are these products only for athletes?

I was a high performance athlete that suffered a major health crisis after competing at the Mr. Universe contest. In order to regain my health I hooked up with a world renowned Dr. who was using enzymes and probiotics and specialized nutritional formulas to help serious ill people recover their health. I began mentoring under his doctor and quickly rebuilt my health over the course of 6 months and within a year I achieved an even greater level of performance.

For the next 4 years I began testing a variety of enzyme, probiotic, and nutritional formulations with hundreds of clients in my holistic health clinic in Vancouver, BC. What we developed worked so well people from all walks of life began seeking me out and the next thing you know I was writing books, giving lectures and serving as an advisor to the American Anti-Cancer Institute.

In my real world experiments with hundreds of clients we discovered several things:
1) Illness and High Performance put extreme demands on the body
2) Recovery for Illness and Performance are reliant on many of the same factors.
3) By varying dosages, duration and nutritional protocols we could help support the cellular function of anybody that would lead to an improved quality of life.

All of this put us in a unique position and that was unlike many sports nutrition companies who only concern was performance - often at the cost of health.

Our company put health on the same level as performance.

While its true a 90 year old Grandma has a different nutrient requirement than a 300lb football linemen, the principles of how the body works are exactly the same. Enzymes and Probiotics are the only workers in the body and the older we get the more essential they become whether one is an athlete or not. Minerals, Vitamins and Amino Acids from Proteins perform critical roles in virtually everyone's body whether they have a high protein diet, a low protein diet.

In fact individuals with a low protein diet may benefit from Enzymes and Probiotics as much or more than hard training athletes who eat a ton of protein. Some of our most profound testimonials come from individuals in their later years who've struggled with there health sometimes for decades and by adding out products into there lifestyle major measurable benefits ensued.

These are some of my favorite testimonials because when you can make a difference in somebody's life it makes you feel good and when you make a difference in a lot of people's lives it gets you up really early and keeps you up late working to make a difference.

In light of this we recently developed a series of videos on Healing, Health, and High Performance

In this series we recorded over 20 hours of educational videos where we share all of the proven modalities which we've used to help our customers improve their health.

If you haven't checked the series out I highly encourage as it will paint a clearer picture as to what we are about as company and our commitment to ongoing education for our customers.

Please note that in the online world, we have literally hundreds of sites that help educate people either before, during or after making a purchase. Some of these sites are geared towards athletes and some are geared to individuals looking to improve their health or well-being.

The reason for the variance - Our products work for a lot of people for a lot of reasons and we do our best to help educate our consumers as to how are products can benefit them.

We also stand behind everything we do with our no risk Money Back Guarantee so that anyone including yourself can try the product and return them for any reason if they are not completely satisfied.

We've been in business for over 10 years which is longer than 99% of the companies who sell online and the reason we've been able to stay in business is because of the quality of the products we offer, the customer service we provide to the consumer in ongoing education, order management and yes in some cases refunds for dissatisfied customers.

Please note we are happy to refund your money for your product purchase. The fact of the matter is we do not want to receive money from someone who's not satisfied with our products. In fact we take a loss on every return but we are happy to do so because most of our customers are totally satisfied with the experience.

Please note that if you do decide to return the products you received, cancel your order or receive a refund I want to thank you personally for giving our company a shot.

We realize that purchasing a product online from someone you don't know represents a leap of faith and is essentially an act of trust.

Our Customer Support Representative will follow up with you until your fully satisfied and whether you continue to use your products or not we appreciate you taking the chance with us and thank you for the opportunity.

As a token of our appreciation I have given you complimentary access to our online course

There's a lot of great information in hear that you or someone you love can benefit from and I think you might find value in checking out some of the lessons that pertain to your particular interest.

Thanks again for trying our products providing us feedback.

On behalf of the whole Bioptimizers team we would like to wish you well on your journey through life.


Wade T Lightheart

Wade T. Lightheart CSNA
3 Time All Natural National Bodybuilding Champion

Author, Coach, International Speaker

Advisor to the Anti-Cancer Institute of America

Director of Education for

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