Affiliate FAQs

Affiliate FAQs

Q: I’m getting ready to share my first link with one friend/client. Is it okay for me to cloak it?
A: Yes

Q: Will I get credit if I order for a friend or client using my link or do they need to do it themselves?
A: You may order through your link and get credit. Always. The only time you wouldn't is if they are already a lifetime customer of another affiliate which does happen on occasion. It doesn't matter who uses the can be you or them so long as the link with your ID attached is used.

Q: Can I do this multiple times?
A: Yes. As long as the order is paid for there will be a commission.  Any affiliate can order through their own links either for themselves or for their customers and still receive 30% commissions.

Q: I am having issues seeing my payment for my commission. Where's my money?
A: For any payment questions and/or issues, please reach out to ClickBank directly at 1-877-367-4686. The reason for this is, ClickBank's system is used to track and pay for all transactions related to affiliate links since we have a third party merchant account with them and they handle our order processing, refunds and anything else transaction-related. BiOptimizers has nothing to do with payments that are due to our Affiliates. 

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